Documentary directed by Camille Briffod, 2021
Short film directed by Anne Madeleine Mancosu, 2022
Short film directed by Manuel Seiler, 2022
Short film directed by Dorentina Imeri, 2022



As an Australian-born creative, Rose Henderson-Cressy moved to Bern, Switzerland in 2015 where she has since resided. Whilst studying at the School of Design Bern and Biel between 2018 and 2019, she developed a keen interest for creating spaces that function narratively and emotively. This passion led her to production design and her work on a range of projects, including experimental, documentary, and short and feature-length films. 



2019-2023 BA Film, Production Design. Zürich University of the Arts, Switzerland

2018-2019 Preliminary Design Course (Propädeutikum). School of Design Bern and Biel, Switzerland

2011-2013 Matura / Victorian Certificate of Education. Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Australia

further training

2020 C1 German Certificate. Volkshochschule, Bern, Switzerland

2019 "Einfach Illustrieren und Kolorieren" course. School of Design Bern and Biel, Switzerland

2018-2019 "Einführung in Layout, Grafik, Bild" course. School of Design Bern and Biel, Switzerland

2017 Introduction to Photography Workshop. RMIT University Melbourne, Australia

2013 Portfolio presentation workshop. La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia

2011 Certificate III in Retail Operations. Positive Training,  Australia

2011 Fashion Illustration (Workshop). Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia


2023 Neumatt Staffel 3 - Zodiac Pictures Ltd & SRF. INTERNSHIP Production design assistenz

2022 Thoughts of September commercial - Nicole Beutler. Production design

2022 Gragg Canyon. Director & production design

2022 Ho Sognato d'Incendiare l'Universo - Jacopo Giulini. Art assistance

2022 Matterhorn - Anne Mancosu. Production design

2022 Stuntman Tom - Till Gerber. Set construction

2022 Der Protagonist- Dominic Curseri. Art assistance

2022 MOTËR - Dorentina Imeri. Production design

2022 Stein - Manuel Seiler. Production design

2022 Lonely Fans - David Oesch. Prop designer

2022 "Schwellito" - Jacopo Giulini & Lena Wenig. Costume design & art assistance 

2022 Réduit - Leon Schwitter. Set decorator

2021 L'autre côté de son âme - Kathrin Schweizer. Art assistance

2021 The Black Cat - Aiyana De Vree. Set construction

2021 œstral - Camille Briffod. Production design

2021 Belé Noci - Andrea Popovic. Art assistance

2020 Visana Commercial - La Famiglia Gmbh. Art assistance 

2020 Beste Freundinnen - Lena Imboden. Art assistance

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